The difference between winning and losing – Self-confidence

That  one thing that has kept me alive and kicking despite all odds is my self-confidence. Those who follow zodiacs and understand about Aries would know.

My life has been a roller-coaster ride for the past two and half decades:

  • I joined the I.T. industry in 1993 and in my 1st job itself I got feedback that I choose a wrong career.  17 years later I took a semi-retirement from the I.T. career having delivered several multi-million pound projects as Senior Project Manager for telecoms/retail clients in the United Kingdom.
  • Self-confidence is about taking the bold step of quitting my well-paying career in the United Kingdom to start my own and I was not  even sure what I would be doing for the rest of my life.
  • It is about ignoring the negative feedback on my photography work by professional photographer, to now be in a position to launch my stock photography website in couple of month’s time.
  • Failed in my 1st start-up only and then moved on to be even more determined to give one more try few years later.
  • Met with a car accident in Sept 2012, fracturing a leg and was able to walk in 4 month’s time and live life, as if nothing ever happened to me is self-confidence.
  • Living with clinical depression for more than 2 years or possibly more  and yet working on my photography project. Suicidal thoughts are a thing of the past. I am now aiming to live until 80 and look after  my grand-children.
  • Self-confidence is about staying away from family due to depression and hard times in life and yet believing that I will be re-united with my family happy as ever.
  • Self-confidence is about living with diabetes without medication and relying purely on natural remedies and long walks.
  • Self-confidence is about finding an alternative career for the next 10 years of my life and plan for the future now.
  • Self-confidence is about  being able to write about ‘self-confidence’ while I am going through the worst phase of my life, which I am confident will be over soon.

The Never Give Up Man



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