What does it mean to be an introvert ?

Our personalities are shaped during our childhood. Our behavior is influenced by people around us, usually our parents, siblings, university mates and friends.

By the time we realize we are introverts, we have reached a point of no return. We can’t change our personality overnight. We accept ourselves the way we are and surround ourselves with people who are like us.

Perhaps, introverts believe in themselves and their own abilities and do not find the need to seek approval from others.

Most of us are accepted the way we are while we are in under-graduate or post-graduate studies. It is only when one enters the corporate world, that I believe our personality makes a huge difference if we were to get ahead in the dog increasingly eat dog world of corporate politics.

It is unfortunate that in the corporate world though, traditionally, extroverted personalities have always got ahead because of their charming personalities and perceived excellent communication and leadership skills.

While introverts often are good at putting their head down and go about doing their job without much fuss, it is always the extroverted personalities who are often promoted for supervisor roles because of perceptions.

I admit that no two introvert or extroverts are alike, there are certain similarities in the way they behave and how they are perceived by others.

Introverts are deep thinkers, problem solvers and knowledge seekers. They prefer writing than talking.

At work, Introverts prefer e-mail communication instead of face-to-face meetings.

Few traits about introverts that I have observed from my personality and others I have met from all walks of life:

Choose their profession based on their personality.
Introverts will prefer to put their head down and do their job. They feel uncomfortable working as a team or with too many bosses. No wonder most creative souls like writers, photographers, painters, poets, software engineers, accountants, lawyers etc., are introverts. Introverts let their work do the talking.

Problem solvers:  I have rarely come across an introvert who would play the blame game. They try to analyze the problem, think hard of a solution, solve the problem and won’t make much noise about it.

Winners in the long run: Introverts will take time to build a good 1st impression which is so necessary in the corporate world. However, they take no time to prove their worth. They believe in the principle of ‘Under promise over deliver‘ and are very realistic in setting expectations compared to extroverts.

From my own corporate experience.

During my corporate tenure and my last employment before deciding to go on a sabbatical, I had this feeling that I was under appreciated at work. However, on my last day just before I could say Good Bye to everyone, I received an e-mail from my manager which read:
“Good luck with your dream, Sudhir. I always liked you because you have always delivered projects without all the drama we were getting used to here”.

I am proud to be an introvert and just to introduce myself

I am the one behind that man in french beard in the attached picture. I do not have long teeth or the size of the elephant to boast off. I don’t have a need to scratch my armpits nor jump trees like a chimpanzee to grab attention. Neither, can I hop like a kangaroo. I can’t run as fast as the cheetah, however, when I am hungry and decide to go for a walk in the park, you know why I am the ‘King of the Jungle’.


4 thoughts on “What does it mean to be an introvert ?

  1. I like how the picture at the end of this post and the text go together so well. The lion in your photo isn’t trying to show off, he’s just lying there. And yet no one can deny his power. I feel like when introverts become comfortable with themselves, they are the same way. They don’t engage in the attention-grabbing behaviors of SOME extroverts: but when they’re confident it’s hard to deny their worth. Their abilities speak for themselves.

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