Haven’t found a loyal friend as yet ?

If you haven’t found a loyal friend as yet, then you haven’t discovered me.

I am not one of those who will e-mail you all friendship related quotes etc. or just send birthday greetings and claim to be your friend.

Have a conversation with me once and you will find the same curiosity and intensity few years later.

It doesn’t matter whether you are 16 or 60.  Neither do I care about your job title or bank balance or your looks or which part of the world you live.

I do not talk behind anyone’s back, simply because I have never been around people who gossip about others. I believe people who gossip about others will gossip about me too.

I never change with time. People move on – they act indifferent after few conversations as they are constantly looking for the right person or someone more interesting. That is their loss. I let go if people show lack of interest or if they couldn’t connect with me.

I only expect in return to be treated with respect and valued. Take me for granted and you lost me.

I am the one people think of first when they are in deep trouble. However, people forget me when life becomes better for them. Good for them. I am happy for them and I only wish they won’t have to remember me again.

I am an Aries. Being loyal is me.

Are you lucky to have a loyal friend ? Share your views in comments.


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